As you've probably heard, Zachary Quinto made headlines over the last few days when he revealed his sexual orientation in an interview with New York Magazine. Quinto also has 'Margin Call' out this week, a new film which he stars in and co-produced. Is there a chance the timing of his announcement has anything to do with its release? Movieline's S.T. VanAirsdale asked Quinto that very question and -- as you might expect -- the results were very awkward.
That was never, ever in any way a part of my intention. This was something that was an intensely personal decision and intensely thought-out. I gave it a lot of thought and attention. It has nothing to do with marketability or visibility. I mean, I'd rather be doing it in association with a movie that I have a significant impact in bringing to bear and bringing to life than at any other time to just generate attention for me myself. I'm making a lot of declarations this week - as a producer, as an actor, as someone who's interested in human rights and wants to help advance those conversations. So I dismiss that idea completely.
When VanAirsdale attempted a follow up question, Quinto responded, "I don't really understand that line of questioning." I feel the awkwardness in the room just writing about this, so I'm going to stop. You can read the rest at Movieline.

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