Last month, 'Alien Vault,' a definitive behind-the-scenes account of Ridley Scott's 'Alien,' was released. The book features all sorts of goodies, including blueprints of the Nostromo, photos from the set and concept art. There are also a ton of secret tidbits about the making of the film and, thankfully, the good folks over at io9 have summed up the book's best information in one easy post. (Because, who has the time to read books these days? Honestly?)
Our favorite bits:

Roger Corman almost directed 'Alien' with an all-male cast: Corman was originally interested in Dan O'Bannon and Ron Shusett's first script, which included an all-male cast and dialogue that was very "matter-of-fact." Then Ridley Scott signed onto the project.

Somehow, Roger Daltrey of the Who factored into the making of this film: The singer, who was next door to the studio where the film was being shot, lent Ridley Scott laser beams that Daltrey was experimenting with for the band's next tour. The lasers were used during the facehuggers resting place scene.

Sigourney Weaver wore thigh-high boots to her audition: Uh, so, there's that.

The whole thing is a pretty fascinating read, and if you don't have the time (or dough) to buy the book, it's worth checking the io9 list out.

[via io9]

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