Most high school boys are worried about homework and crushes. Nick Green, however, is worried about homework, crushes and his job as a secret government agent. In 'Aim High,' Jackson Rathbone (best known for his role as Jasper Hale in the 'Twilight' series) plays Green, a student who spends his free time experiencing the James Bond fantasy every boy has had at one point or another. Green is part of a team of 64 highly trained teenage assassins. So when he's not obsessing over Amanda Miles (Aimee Teegarden), the most popular girl in school, he's out fighting the bad guys and keeping the country safe.
'Aim High' will be broadcast on Moviefone's sister website Cambio. The show is being billed as the first ever "social series," offering a new twist on viewer participation. Those who sign in via Facebook can expect to see photos of themselves and their friends appear within the episodes.

Adding some action cred to 'Aim High' is the show's producer McG ('Terminator Salvation' and 'Charlie's Angels' director), who is excited to get things going on this one-of-a-kind web show, pointing out that "it's competitive with anything you see on network television or a cable series."

Head on over to Cambio to check out the first episode.

[Photo: Warner Bros.]


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