Apologies for that headline, but: 'Fast and the Furious' 6 and 7 have just hit the gas pedal on their production time! (Sorry, that's the last pun.) Another 'Fast' sequel was inevitable -- especially after the last film in the franchise grossed over $600 million worldwide -- but the LA Times reports that 'Fast Six' may not hit its 2013 release date. Which is good news, at least for the story.
Universal is thinking about shooting the sixth and seventh films back to back and having them follow one story line. Therefore, director Justin Lin -- who's directed the last three 'Fast' flicks -- would not have time to edit the sixth before the seventh was ready for production, which would likely mean a later release date for both movies.

No word on what the story will be for the next two sequels, just that screenwriter Chris Morgan is currently hard at work on developing one. The cast has not been set in stone, however, Vin Diesel and The Rock will reportedly return. Action star Jason Statham has also been rumored to join, possibly making these films some type of weird 'Fast and the Furious'/'Mummy'/'Crank' hybrid. Talk about high octane! (Crap, sorry, we did it again.)

[via LAT]

[Photo: Universal]

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