Why go to the movie theater with a bunch of schlubs when you can rent the entire thing out yourself? That's what star couple Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez decided to do when they attended a private screening of -- wait for it -- 'Real Steel' at a multiplex in Canada. Can't say we blame them: If paparazzi cameras were shoved in our face every three seconds, we'd want a little time to ourselves, too.
Gomez had been in Winnipeg, Manitoba for her concert tour when she and Bieber were spotted going into the cinema. The Winnipeg Free Press reports that the couple allegedly had cheese pizza delivered to them during the screening as well.

Either way, we are surprised with the 'Real Steel' movie pick; 'Footloose' seems like a better choice for a date film.

Gomez can be seen next in a cameo role in the upcoming 'Muppets' movie, out Nov. 23.

[via THR and Winnipeg Free Press]

[Photo: AP]


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