What a week here at Moviefone! 'Parnormal Activity 3' scared the crap out of us, reminded us of our favorite ghost scenes, forced us to reconsider the previous films in the franchise and single-handedly stopped what was a growing box office slump with its midnight showings. Not bad! Plus, at least it wasn't 'The Three Musketeers.'
Elsewhere on the site, 'Martha Marcy May Marlene' stars Elizabeth Olsen and John Hawkes sat down for interviews, as did an extremely honest Matthew Lillard and Hollywood legend Mel Brooks. We offered up some great movie music cues and '90s remakes that Hollywood should consider. (Don't shoot the messenger.)

The 'Hugo' poster premiered and looked spectacular; this guy or gal's Pixar costume, however, left a lot to be desired.

Numbers were wild, too: In honor of the 50th anniversary of 'West Side Story,' we offered 25 things you might not know about the classic. We also debuted our 25 under 25 list for 2011 in conjunction with the People's Choice Awards. Have you voted yet? Because you should.


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