Most people would categorize Anton Yelchin as "the guy who played Chekov in J.J. Abram's 'Star Trek.'" However, in a recent interview with New York Magazine, the 22-year-old actor explains that he is so much more than that. For example, he loves early Norwegian death metal, lo-fi YouTube cult videos and David Lynch films. Oh, and he also wrote a script at the age of 16 about "a guy who had erotic visions of mannequins." Yelchin later went on to shoot "dozens of hours of footage" exploring his "conflicted sexual feelings." (Or as he described it: "Why am I more turned on by [a girl's] hipster dresses than an Ed Hardy shirt? I've been programmed. I seek out weird sexual things just to negate that.") Depending on your taste in film, both ideas may sound mildly intriguing or downright horrifying. But before you jump to conclusions, perhaps you should let Yelchin explain this concept further.

For the film, he's interviewed homeless people, crosscut that with interviews of teenage mall-rat girls, and taped auditions with young actresses who later play his characters. He plays himself, a fictional version of himself, and a documentarian. There's a homeless man named Ass Man, who wears a giant mask and speaks through the mask's anus. He admits some of it came out "extremely chauvinistic" -- like the time he asked an actress to "read this dialogue about wanting to suck the Ass Man's c--k. I thought it was f-cking hilarious, but that's so not cool."
He plans on submitting the footage he shot to film festivals. We're not really sure what to make of Yelchin's turn from up-and-coming star to potential provocateur, but at least it's outside the stereotypical mold Hollywood has created for young actors and actresses. As Yelchin states, he uses "the film to process the kind of obsessions that give him occasional paralyzing panic attacks." Hm, sounds like something David Lynch would approve of.

You can see Yelchin in 'Like Crazy,' out in limited release on Friday.

[via New York]

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