Fans of Stephen King's sprawling epic, 'The Dark Tower,' have always been wary of a film adaptation. How do you condense seven novels -- filled with numerous plot points, dozens of characters and a twisting narrative -- into a series of films? One way is to add HBO to the mix, which producer Brian Grazer announced during interviews for his film 'Tower Heist.'
First, a little backstory: after J.J. Abrams tried, and failed, to adapt the 'Dark Tower' books, in came Ron Howard and Grazer. In April 2010, the successful production duo announced plans for an adaptation, which would include three movies along with two television seasons interspersed between the films. However, that plan ended up falling short after Universal dropped the project over budgetary concerns. Howard and Grazer said that the film would eventually get made, albeit with a $45 million production cut.

Now, Grazer tells MTV News that there has been progress, at least on the TV front. 'The Dark Tower' television component will be broadcast on HBO, he says, which should come as good news for hardcore fans of the book. That way, the seedier content from King's novels can be used without having to deal with those pesky network censors. Again, there is still no studio backing the movie yet, so this is all still to be determined. Javier Bardem is still attached to star as the main character, Roland Deschain.

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