Actually, there's probably a lot you don't know about 'Donnie Darko.' Like: What the hell happened? Is Donnie a time-traveling teen superhero/Christ figure who must sacrifice himself to save his loved ones and the entire universe, a dying kid having an elaborate dream during his final moments, or just a garden-variety schizophrenic? This is not the place to answer those questions (though we can send you there -- see No. 24 on the list below). It is, however, the place to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Little Cult Film That Could (released on Oct. 26, 2001), the movie that helped make stars out of Jake and Maggie Gyllenhaal, confirmed Drew Barrymore's canny taste as a producer, gave Patrick Swayze a role that sent his career in a dark new direction, and launched 10,000 late-night bull sessions. The movie's meanings may have been endlessly discussed, but there are still dark corners in the 'Darko' legend that remain to be illuminated. If you don't want us to doubt your commitment to Sparkle Motion, read on.