At the Golden Globes in January, host Ricky Gervais scorched the Hollywood elite so bad that when he disappeared in the middle of the telecast, people on Twitter assumed he was fired (or worse). Thankfully, he wasn't, but don't expect to see Gervais on stage at the Globes in 2012. Which is good news for A-list Hollywood stars like Johnny Depp. The caustic host reserved some of his fiercest jabs for Depp's film 'The Tourist,' and now -- months later -- it appears the actor has gotten the last word. On Gervais's new television show 'Life's Too Short.' Because -- TWIST -- Depp and Gervais are pals.
Depp -- who appears in 'The Rum Diary' on Friday -- filmed a cameo for 'Life's Too Short' earlier this year where he defends not only himself but also Tim Allen, another target Gervais happily hit dead-center during his hosting duties. Nice that Johnny has a sense of humor about the whole thing. When you get paid "stupid money" to appear in movies like 'The Tourist,' though, it's probably pretty easy to have a good laugh.

'Life's Too Short' debuts on the BBC on Nov. 10.

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