The Shakespearian drama 'Anonymous' comes out this weekend so Moviefone decided to put together a tribute mash-up to the most famous (and overused) quotation in literature. Hint: it has appeared in comedies, dramas and horror movies, been delivered in various languages and has even been riffed on by MST3K.
Hamlet will always be a coveted role for actor's, and the range of stars who have played him is quite diverse, from Lawrence Olivier's pitch-perfect drama to Adam Sandler's over-the-top shenanigans. So, watch as the great actors of our time (and some not-so-great) contemplate suicide by asking themselves the eternal question... To be or not to be?

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'Laurence Olivier's Hamlet' (1948) (Buy | Rent), 'William Shakespeare's Hamlet' (1996) (Buy | Rent), 'Hamlet' (1990) (Buy | Rent), 'Hamlet, Prince of Denmark' (1980) (Buy | Rent), 'Hamlet' (1990) (Buy | Rent), 'Hamlet' (2000) (Buy | Rent), 'Hamlet' (2009) (Buy | Rent), 'Hamlet' (1964) (Buy | Rent), 'The Magic Christian' (Buy | Rent), 'Mystery Science Theater 3000: Hamlet' (Buy | Rent), 'Billy Madison' (Buy | Rent), 'To Be Or Not To Be' (1983) (Buy | Rent), 'Theater of Blood' (Buy | Rent), 'Harriet the Spy' (Buy | Rent)

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