Bill Murray is beloved around Moviefone HQ for his bizarre quirks, brutal honesty, prodigious talent and total unpredictability. Which is what makes this latest bit of Murray-centric news perfect and even somewhat obvious: Variety reports that Murray has joined the cast of 'A Glimpse Inside the Mind of Charles Swan III' opposite Jason Schwartzman, Aubrey Plaza and -- wait for it -- Charlie Sheen.
Directed by Roman Coppola, 'Swan' focuses on the titular playboy (Sheen; duh), a successful graphic designer who sees his life go down the toilet after a break-up. Per the Variety description, Swan copes with the pain "through delirious fantasies involving his many failed romances, [and] begins the hard road of self-evaluation to come to terms with life without her."

No word yet on who Murray will play, but it's a reunion of sorts for Murray: he worked with Roman's sister Sofia Coppola in the Oscar-nominated 'Lost in Translation.'

In addition to Murray, Sheen, Schwartzman and Plaza, Mary Elizabeth Winstead and Patricia Arquette have been added to the cast. Production is currently underway in Los Angeles.

[via Variety]

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