When you think of Halloween, there's a good chance you think of Eli Roth. The horror maestro is responsible for some of the most terrifying images over the last ten years, and has even changed the way people view Halloween itself. So, what makes this strong-stomached horror fan -- and his pal, goth rocker Marilyn Manson -- really scared? Try 'Paranormal Activity 3.'
"It's fun to watch everybody try to outdo one another," Roth told AOL TV's Maggie Furlong about the horror genre. "There's this sort of bleeding contest amongst directors to see who can come up with the sickest thing, but for me, that's never what impressed me. What always impressed me were when things were clever. I mean, it's easy to be disgusting -- all you need is to pick a body part and pick a tool and eviscerate it. It's not hard. What's really hard is 'Paranormal Activity 3.' I mean, how do you do a movie, the third one, where people are expecting something, they've seen it twice before, and you have to surprise them, but at the same time give them what they want. It's terrifying. I think that that, for me, is the greatest. Hats off to those guys. Whether it's gory or bloodless, it's creativity and originality that I'm always impressed by."

Roth was so impressed by the previous 'Paranormal Activity' films, that he was even there at midnight on opening weekend with Marilyn Manson.

"We were terrified!" he said. "We were squealing like teenage girls! I have bruises on my leg because he was punching me through the whole film!

"Literally I was sitting on the seat with my legs up, kicking my feet, and he was slouched down, slamming his elbow into my leg. [Laughs] I came out of the movie with bruises from Marilyn Manson, so I know he was terrified. Both of us were. It was so scary!"

For more on Roth, including the gory details about his new Discovery Channel special 'How Evil Are You?' airing on Oct. 30 at 9 p.m. EDT, head over to AOL TV.

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