Amy Sedaris is best known for her role as clueless Jerri Blank on Comedy Central's 'Strangers With Candy,' but she's also lent her voice to a lot of animated characters, including Cinderella in 'Shrek the Third' and the nefarious Jill in 'Puss in Boots.' Sedaris talked to Moviefone about how Jack's other half stacks up against other cartoon villainesses, who's likely to dress up as Jill for Halloween, why she had to end her cupcake business, and what going to a 'safety meeting' actually means.
You've voiced a lot of fairy tale characters.
Yeah, I've done a few.

Foxy Loxy in 'Chicken Little'...
Oh, that's right, I forgot about that one. And Cinderella in 'Shrek the Third.'

Of course. And The Tooth Fairy in 'Yo Gabba Gabba.' So what's different about voicing Jill?
Well, I love doing Southern accents, and it was fun to have a husband, even thought he was animated. And it's fun to be part of a franchise. I'm a big fan of 'Puss in Boots,' it's a really cute movie.

Is it more fun playing a villain?
Oh yeah, that's always great. Those are always the best parts to have, being the villain. They're the most fun.

Billy Bob Thornton said he met you for the first time the other day while you were doing TV interviews, how do you think he did on his first big voiceover job?
He's terrific and I had a feeling we'd get along because he's from the South. And he was a little nervous about doing something like this, but I love him in the movie, I think he's great.

What does it take to be a good voiceover actor?
Just being able to follow direction, being able to surrender and trust the director's vision and do what he asks. And being able to take a note.

So not so much with the improv?
Well, it's already on the page. Sometimes they encourage you to improvise and some people don't. But I prefer to improvise because that's my background but I think everything that's in the movie was on the page.

Where does Jill rank in the pantheon of animated villainesses?
She can kick some ass. I think she's up there. She just doesn't have a traditional look, you know. She's built like a refrigerator box.

So could she take on Maleficent and the Evil Queen in Snow White?
They're all so good. I think they would get along. You can't touch that Queen from Snow White. That was one of my favorite movies.

When you saw the movie, you were hearing all the other voices for the first time?
Yeah, I love Zach [Galifianakis]'s voice [as Humpty Dumpty], so sweet wasn't it? And I love anything with an accent, so I love Antonio.

What do you think moviegoers will enjoy the most?
Just that it's a really fun character and I think the music is great. Everyone I've talked to really, really enjoyed it. I'm just happy he got a spin-off. He's super nice, Antonio. I met him today for the first time.

Do you think Jack and Jill might get a spin-off?
I don't know. I don't know, but beware!

Or maybe Halloween costumes?
I'm too old to dress up. I'm going as myself this year, a hobo.

But do you see people dressing up as Jill?
You've got to be a big person. Maybe a transvestite will dress up as Jill.

So who would dress up as Jack?
A big transvestite.

And then bring your cat and you're good to go?
Yeah, just add some boots.

In the movie, Puss has a catchphrase, "Holy frijoles!" Do you have a personal catchphrase?
Holy, frijoles, what's my catchphrase? "Time for a safety meeting!" When you say that, it's code that it's time for a pot break.

And when do you say that?
About once an hour.

Is there a story behind it?
It just means it's time to get together to smoke it up.

I was reading that you run a cupcake and cheeseball business on the side.
That was a long, long time ago. I don't do that anymore.

What made you hang that up?
Because cupcakes became really popular, everybody was doing it. And the price of butter became really high. I liked doing it because it felt like allowance movie but it felt like it was time to stop.

So is the cupcake trend over now?
I don't know. I don't pay much attention to it.

I was also reading that you started your voiceover career at a Winn-Dixie.
Yes, I did. [Laughs] They had to take the microphone away from me at some point. The minute I saw my manager leave the store, I would get on there and make stuff up all the time.

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