As Moviefone happily pointed out on Friday
, Justin Timberlake used to be a fairly successful musician. Who knew, right?! With all his acting performances over the last few years (both good and bad; hey, 'Love Guru'!), it's sometimes easy to forget that JT is an accomplished singer, responsible for some of the best Top-40 singles in the last decade. ("Cry Me a River": still awesome.) Which is what makes Timberlake's potential involvement in the Coen brothers's 'Inside Llewyn Davis' so intriguing: the film is about the '60s folk scene in New York's Greenwich Village, and Timberlake could find himself playing a folk musician if he accepts the Oscar-winning brothers's offer. Translation: worlds colliding!
Variety reports that Joel and Ethan Coen have extended an offer to Timberlake to star as Carey Mulligan's onscreen husband, a singer named Jim. Oscar Isaac ('Drive') plays the titular Davis, a struggling New York musician who can't make ends meet despite immense talent.

No other details are known currently, but considering how much music the Coens used in 'O Brother, Where Art Thou?' it seems logical to expect 'Inside Llewyn Davis' to be chockablock with songs. And with Timberlake and Mulligan -- who not only sang with Belle & Sebastian, but gives a show-stopping performance of "New York, New York" in 'Shame' -- on board, you'll probably want to buy the soundtrack.

[via Variety]

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