Curb those Halloween spirits -- today is a day of mourning. At least if you're a 'Harry Potter' fan. Yes, right below the trending topic of "Happy Halloween Everyone" on Twitter is "RIP James and Lily Potter." On a fictional Oct. 31 thirty years ago, the couple sacrificed their lives for their son, Harry. Little did they know that the boy would grow up to be the chosen one and save the entire wizarding world from the evil Lord Voldemort. The Hollywood Reporter points out that some 'Potter' fan sites will be planning a moment of silence today at 3 p.m. GMT (a.k.a. 11 p.m. EDT).
The only man who won't be crying? Obviously, Lord Voldemort. However, perhaps the Dark Lord is in a cheerier mood today. According to his Twitter account (yes, Voldemort has a Twitter account), the evil Wizard tweeted "Happy Halloween. Your treat is that I let you live."

So, while you're dressing up in your little costumes and going to grab your free candy, just remember that James and Lily Potter died for your right to trick-or-treat.

[via THR]

[Photo: Warner Bros.]

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