'Pirates of the Caribbean' this was not. Over the weekend, 'The Rum Diary,' starring Johnny Depp, opened nationwide. Unfortunately, no one saw it, instead opting for talking cats or films made of home movie footage. Depp isn't used to the word "flop" -- at least not recently, what with the 'Pirates' franchise taking in a combined $3.7 billion worldwide. However, with its $45 million budget and $5 million in box office receipts, 'The Rum Diary' may end up being the biggest bust of the actor's career.
While there are a handful of Depp projects that can be considered "flops" -- 'The Libertine' from 2004 grossed only $10 million on a $20 million budget -- nothing may touch 'The Rum Diary.' It's a little sad, considering all the actor went through to actually get the film made -- and yes, we do realize it was only opening weekend and the movie still has a chance of catching on. But the forecast does not look good, particularly with blockbusters like 'Tower Heist' and 'The Muppets' being released in the coming weeks.

[via TheWrap]

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The Rum Diary
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In Puerto Rico a journalist (Johnny Depp) becomes obsessed with a shady businessman's fiancee. Read More

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