First it was Kate Hudson
. Then potentially Olivia Wilde. Now it appears Amanda Seyfried may star in 'Lovelace,' a new biopic about the life of infamous porn star Linda Lovelace. Variety reports that Seyfried is in talks to lead the Rob Epstein and Jeffrey Friedman-directed film, with Peter Sarsgaard negotiating to play her abusive husband Chuck Traynor.
Epstein and Friedman ('Howl') were reportedly first discussing the roles with Hudson and James Franco earlier this year. The pair called their film a "nontraditional biopic" which would focus on how Lovelace's tragic life birthed the current climate of celebrity.

"The seeds of celebrity culture were just beginning to sprout then, and while the phenomenon of Linda Lovelace feels so familiar with all the Web celebrity stuff we're inundated with now, but back then it was really something new," Friedman to the Los Angeles Times in April. "There was also the evolution of sexual consciousness in this country, and she became the poster child for various phases of that."

Lovelace starred in the 1972 porn film 'Deep Throat,' which was a huge financial success despite its racy content. Traynor met Lovelace when she was just a school-girl, and -- following their divorce -- she alleged that he coerced her into the porn business. In her later years, Lovelace became an anti-pornography advocate; she died following a car accident in 2002.

'Lovelace' is not to be confused with 'Inferno,' the Linda Lovelace biopic that Lindsay Lohan was set to star in last year; Lohan was replaced by Malin Akerman, and that film is still in some stages of development.

Seyfried is currently onscreen in 'In Time.'

[via Variety]

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