A working James Franco gathers no moss. Or something. The hilariously busy actor has reportedly signed up for one of his most bizarre roles yet. Nope, not Emmys host; Franco is set to play a "rapping drug and arms dealer" in 'Spring Breakers' for director Harmony Korine.
In the film, four co-eds rob a fast food restaurant to get money for a trip to Florida; when they get to the Sunshine State, they're immediately arrested and bailed out by Alien (Franco), the aforementioned drug dealer who wants them to kill one of his adversaries. Classy! Emma Roberts is reportedly in discussions for one of the female leads, a danger junkie.

Korine made a splash when he wrote the controversial 'Kids' and also directed the film 'Trash Humpers.' Franco was last seen in 'Rise of the Planet of the Apes.'

[via Variety]

[Photo: AP]

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