Since a new 'Muppets' movie is coming out this month, it only made sense that writer/star Jason Segel would create a new character. Meet Walter, previously known from the trailer as "the puppet who gets electrocuted," a Muppet who appears to be best friends with Gary (Segel). In this clip, Gary has a big Muppets-related surprise for his pal. There also happens to be a joke about the country Turkey. You can check it all out in the video above.
'The Muppets,' starring Jason Segel, Amy Adams, Chris Cooper and a whole bunch of other celebrities, hits theaters Nov. 23. Oh, and if you want to ask Kermit and Miss Piggy a question about the film (or anything, really), head HERE.

[via Yahoo! Movies]

[Photo: Disney]

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The Muppets
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