'The Adventures of Tintin' wowed international audiences this past weekend to the tune of $55.8 million from just 19 territories
. Unfortunately, the Steven Spielberg-directed action spectacle won't hit U.S. shores until Dec. 21, but those attending this year's AFI Fest in Los Angeles will get to see 'Tintin' before everyone else. In North America. Festival organizers announced on Monday night that 'Tintin' will close the 2011 AFI Fest (presented by Audi) on Nov. 10. Short notice, but you might want to check JetBlue for flights. [Press Release]
"When you work for studios, the majority of the acting budget goes to the handful of megastars, and what is left is surprisingly small, and surprisingly non-negotiable. They actually go down a list, start at the top and say, 'Will you do the part for X?' and if somebody says no, they go right on to the next actor. That's not a criticism, just a recognition of how the business runs now." A surprisingly honest and forthcoming Anthony LaPaglia on why he started acted on television instead of feature films. LaPaglia has been added to the cast of 'Django Unchained' as a "greedy Australian" who is brothers with Joseph Gordon-Levitt. You're encourage to read the entire piece, if only because it's the most interesting casting notice ever written. [Deadline]

Because, of course: Bill Paxton ('Aliens,' pretty much everything) is in talks to direct a feature adaptation of the television series 'Kung Fu.' [Deadline]

Speaking of television adaptations finding directors: Martin Campbell may helm 'The Fall Guy,' based on the 1981 television series with Lee Majors. [Deadline]

John Goodman may join Carey Mulligan, Oscar Isaac and possibly Justin Timberlake in 'Inside Llewyn Davis.' Goodman -- who will appear in the wonderful new film 'The Artist' -- has co-starred in five other films from 'Davis' directors the Coen brothers. [Showbiz411]

What was negotiations has become a deal: Octavia Spencer has signed onto Diablo Cody's directorial debut, 'Lamb of God.' [EW]

[Photo: Paramount]

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The Adventures of Tintin
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