If you had to pick a Muppet to help win a WWE match, which one would you go with? Animal? Someone taller like Sweetums, Sam the Eagle or Thog? Well, forget all of them; apparently the one to choose is Beaker.
Despite his insistence on speaking in "mees," the orange-headed lab assistant is a pretty awesome Muppet -- but we never expected him to make a good wrestling teammate. On Monday night, to promote the upcoming 'Muppets' movie, he and the rest of the cast stopped by 'WWE Raw,' where Beaker helped Santino Marella win his match against Jack Swagger.

During the fight, Marella accepted a mysterious blue liquid delivered by the Muppet. It must have tasted pretty nasty, because the wrestler spit it right back up -- directly into Swagger's face, eventually causing him to lose the match.

On top of the Beaker fight, there was plenty of other Muppets buffoonery, including Gonzo being bullied by Swagger and Dolph Ziggler, as well as Miss Piggy hitting on wrestler John Morrison. You can check out all the highlights in the video below.

Also, if you want to ask Miss Piggy or Kermit about their WWE cameos (or anything else for that matter), head HERE.

[via AOL TV]


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