Shortly after its 2004 release, 'Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle' became an enduring cult classic. And, really, why not? Two stereotype-defying stoner dudes on a quest for tiny burgers is a pretty awesome concept. Plus, the original 'Harold & Kumar' gave us one of the best comebacks in recent history. That's right: NPH. Legen – wait for it – dary!
Kal Penn,John Cho and Neil Patrick Harris are back for more in the latest installment of the 'Harold & Kumar' saga, this week's 'A Very Harold & Kumar 3D Christmas.' Yes, 3D. I'm not a fan of the 3D craze (and quite frankly, thought it would have fizzled out by now) but if Roldy and Kumar think we should see them blowing smoke rings in 3D, I'm not going to complain. Besides, the 3D certainly enhances the scene where Kenneth (Bobby Lee) gets egged by anti-Wall Street protesters.

The unlikely Christmas flick finds the estranged Harold and Kumar reluctantly embarking on a quest to replace Harold's father-in-law's perfect Christmas tree, which just happened to get burned down by a giant joint. It's not the most original plot, and it's not nearly as funny as 'White Castle,' yet my love of Harold and Kumar burns on. I'll probably even go see the fourth one. (Yes, there's going to be another one.)

I know I'm not alone in my unwavering love of Harold and Kumar, even though the follow-ups to 'White Castle' have been less than stellar. 'White Castle' was a comedic masterpiece, and thus I shall continue to support all subsequent efforts. It walked the fine line between low-brow comedy and smart social commentary, creating a mix that's oh-so-right.


In addition to the gallery, we're also throwing in a list of the top five reasons Harold & Kumar have earned our devotion. (The adorable 'Waffle Bot' in the latest flick certainly doesn't hurt, either.)

1. They challenge cultural stereotypes. Ever notice how Asian actors are always stuck playing the nerdy shy guys who do nothing more than serve the muscle-y white heroes? If you hadn't noticed it before, you certainly would after seeing the opening scene of 'White Castle.' Way to call out Hollywood!

2. They gave us NPH riding a unicorn on the big screen. It doesn't get much better than that.

3. They take down bullies. Like those X-TREME! jerks in 'White Castle,' the Republican d-bag fiancé in 'Guantanamo Bay' and the Ukrainian mob boss in 'Christmas.' We can live out our revenge fantasies vicariously through Harold and Kumar.

4. They have run-ins with kindly hicks. Remember Freakshow from 'White Castle,' who fixed up their car? If you don't remember him, you probably remember his hot exhibitionist wife (Malin Akerman). In 'Guantanamo Bay,' a redneck hunter brings the guys home for a hot meal, where they meet his wife and inbred children. Ahh, backwoods rednecks.

5. They can turn menial tasks into crazy, epic adventures. A burger run has never been so entertaining. (Or a trip to an airplane bathroom or a quest to find the perfect Christmas tree, for that matter.)

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A Very Harold & Kumar Christmas
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The stoner pals (John Cho, Kal Penn) reunite and scour New York City for the perfect Christmas tree. Read More