By the time the Golden Globes airs on Jan. 15, 2012, one thing will be clear: Ricky Gervais will either be hosting the telecast or not. For now, though, let's enjoy some more rumors! On Thursday, Page Six reported that Gervais was spotted at dinner with Aida Takla-O'Reilly, president of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, and Doug Vaughan, NBC's head of specials. The idea being that since Gervais was dining with two of the people behind the Golden Globes, whatever hatchet the three may have had between them has been buried. Gervais was quick to continue that narrative, tweeting the Page Six story along with, "Oooooooh, the plot thickens!" So, is he hosting?
Gervais won't confirm nor deny. "Last time I said I was in talks to host again, everyone said I was lying. So I'm saying nothing," he said to EW through his representative. But does saying nothing say everything? (Does that even make sense?)

[Page Six via EW]

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