Paul Rudd is just one of those actors that always plays the same character. That's not always a positive, but for a movie like 'Wanderlust,' Rudd's familiar middle-aged slacker is a welcome addition. Throw in the 'Friends'-y comedic styles of Jennifer Aniston, as well as a hippie commune, and -- well, you've got one really weird idea for a film. That comment is further cemented with the first trailer.
In 'Wanderlust,' Aniston and Rudd star as Linda and George, a fast-paced married couple living in New York City. However, after George loses his job, the two decide to pack things up and head South, eventually stumbling on a hippie commune. There we get to see Aniston milk a goat (with her new boyfriend Justin Theroux) and take hallucinatory drugs, while Rudd gets hit on by Eva (Malin Ackerman). Fun times all around!

David Wain ('Wet Hot American Summer') directed 'Wanderlust,' which features many alumni from that cult comedy classic. Can you spot them?

'Wanderlust' hits theaters on Feb. 24, 2012.

[via Yahoo!]

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Stressed-out New Yorkers (Paul Rudd, Jennifer Aniston) embrace a counterculture lifestyle. Read More

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