The first weekend of November has arrived, meaning that not only is Thanksgiving around the corner (yikes), but so are this year's major holiday season offerings. New Line kicks things off early with 'A Very Harold and Kumar Christmas,' which should do well -- but not nearly as well as 'Tower Heist.' To the Preview!

'Tower Heist'
What's the story: After having their pensions swindled away by a Bernie Madoff-like investment banker, a group of jilted high-rise employees (led by Ben Stiller) team with a petty crook (Eddie Murphy) to rob the money back. Brett Ratner directs this glossy action comedy.

Box-office projection: Early guesses on the 'Tower Heist' opening weekend feel a tad low -- the numbers range between $29 million and $33 million. Consider this, however: Ben Stiller has seen nine of his films in the past decade open with more than $25 million; Murphy, despite his publicized and horrendous bombs, is still a box office draw too. Combining those two stars with an action-heavy premise, PG-13 rating, and the fact that nothing Hollywood might consider "four quadrant" has hit theaters since the summertime, and 'Tower Heist' could -- preemptive groan -- steal more money than you think. $45 million might be out of reach, but couldn't it hit $40 million? $40.7 million

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'A Very Harold & Kumar Christmas 3D'
What's the story: Estranged best buds (seriously, groan) Harold and Kumar (John Cho and Kal Penn) reunite to replace a burned Christmas tree before Harold's father-in-law (Danny Trejo) gets back from Midnight Mass.

Box-office projection: It's Christmas in November! The first 'Harold and Kumar' opened with $5.5 million before becoming a cult hit; the second capitalized on that cult -- and its spring release date -- with $14.9 million. Will the third film split the difference and land in the neighborhood of $10 million? Perhaps, though don't be surprised if 'Christmas' grosses a bit more because of its extra dimension. Audiences seem to hate 3D at this point -- especially for non-event movies -- but since 'A Very Harold & Kumar Christmas' pokes fun at the excess, it could be a drawing card. $12.6 million

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Not much on the indie front. The badly-titled 'Son of No One' featuring Channing Tatum and Tracy Morgan gets released, as does the documentary 'Charlotte Rampling: The Look.'

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