On Nov. 4, 2002, ESPN debuted 'Around the Horn'; nine years later, 'Horn' is such a zeitgeist-penetrating chat show that not only did MSNBC co-opt its format for '1600 Pennsylvania Avenue,' but Tina Fey parodied it to great effect on '30 Rock.' Current host Tony Reali decided to celebrate 'Around the Horn's' ninth anniversary the only way he knew how: with an homage to the famed Copacabana scene from Martin Scorsese's 'Goodfellas.'
"This has been inside me since I started working on television 10 years ago," Reali, who started working on 'Pardon the Interruption' in 2001, told Moviefone over email. "The most perfect scene from the most perfect movie; I had no shot at being happy until I did it. The result was emotional, spiritual and transformative. A necessary evacuation. Like the food poisoning I got from the sushi at the Pittsburgh airport."

The Copa scene is famous because it was done in one shot. "The whole idea was that it had to be done in one take, so you didn't feel that it was a series of cuts or that it was a separation between him and the world that he was trying to get into," Scorsese has said. "The camera flowed through them and glided through this world, just all the doors open to him. Everything slipped away. It was like heaven."

Cinematographer Michael Ballhaus said they shot the scene eight times; per Reali, the homage was done in three.

"Slight hyperbole aside (but only slight), it's the show's 9th anniversary and people needed to see how much fun we have on a daily basis," wrote Reali.

Watch the 'Around the Horn' homage below; head here to watch the original.

[Photo: Everett Collection]

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