'Like Crazy' director Drake Doremus knows his way around a great montage, a skill which comes in handy in his new indie romance. Doremus's star-crossed drama tells the story of a young couple (Anton Yelchin and the Felicity Jones) separated by Visa issues and their own inadequacies, and features some perfectly edited sequences of love, separation and anticipation. Rarely has young love looked so honest -- and technically adept -- on the big screen.

In this exclusive new clip package from the film, Jacob (Yelchin) and Ana (Jones) meet-cute at their college, go on an adorable date and even share in some poetry. "The halves will halve you in half," says Ana. With her British accent, it's no wonder Jacob wants her like crazy.

Watch the "I Want You" clip above, and check out the "I Need You," "I Love You" and "I Miss You" packages over at Apple, Fandango and EW, respectively.

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Like Crazy
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Lovers struggle with a long-distance relationship after one is banned from re-entering the U.S. Read More

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