Take a look at the photo above this text. Do you know what that is? That's the awkward smile of Ben Stiller trying to deflect a more than fair question about Eddie Murphy's relationship with 'Saturday Night Live,' while Murphy makes no attempt whatsoever to hide his scorn. Ladies and gentleman, I think it's safe to say: Eddie Murphy still hates 'SNL.'
Murphy has a tumultuous relationship with 'Saturday Night Live,' to say the least (which we documented a few weeks ago). After he saved the sketch show from cancellation in the early '80s, David Spade made the now-infamous crack about Murphy in the mid '90s: "Look, children, a falling star." Murphy did not appreciate this.

In the 'Tower Heist' star's recent interview with Rolling Stone, he addressed the issue and claimed that he was over it. "I felt shitty about that for years, but now, I don't have none of that. I wouldn't go to retrospectives, but I don't let it linger." OK, cool! Look at that, Eddie Murphy likes 'SNL' again! Well, not so fast...

Smash cut to the week before 'SNL's' Oct. 8 telecast: rumors were swirling that maybe, after over 25 years away, Eddie Murphy might make a cameo during the show hosted by his 'Tower Heist' co-star Ben Stiller. That didn't happen. So, Mike Sampson of JoBlo.com asked Murphy and Stiller if there was any truth to those rumors.

Said Sampson: "There were a lot of rumors that, Ben, when you were hosting 'SNL,' that you might bring Eddie back for a little cameo ... was that something that you guys were trying to make happen?" That's fair! And something that 'SNL' fans do want to know! Murphy's answer? Complete silence with a slightly pissed-off looking facial expression (again, check the photo). Stiller did offer up, "I don't read the [New York] Post, so..."

Well, then: I don't want to read too far in between the lines, but I'm going to go ahead and take that as a solid, "No." (JoBlo's full interview is below -- the 'SNL' question happens at about 1:40. Also, nice job, Sampson, on quickly rebounding from this moment with an Oscar question.)

[via JoBlo.com]

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