Get ready to see 'Twilight' hunk Chaske Spencer in a completely new light -- everybody's favorite wolfpack leader packed on the pounds for his role in the upcoming flick 'Winter of the Blood,' and then took his new look to the next level by adding a mullet to the equation for 'Desert Cathedral.' But fear not, 'Twilight' fans; Spencer is as buff and mullet-free as ever in the highly anticipated 'Breaking Dawn' installments, where he reprises his role as peaceful pack leader Sam Uley.
Moviefone caught up with Spencer to chat about everything from the famously intense workouts with Taylor Lautner (and the vomiting that ensued) to how he grossed out 'Twilight' co-star Julia Jones (who plays Sam's ex, Leah Clearwater) with his jiggly new gut.

How has your life changed since becoming involved with 'Twilight'?
It's changed pretty drastically. My face is on bubblegum wrappers now! I've had a lot of surreal moments. It's just amazing to do something that's part of a pop culture phenomenon. I still haven't wrapped my head around it.

During your surreal moments, have you been particularly starstruck by anyone?
Snoop Dogg. And Jackie Chan. I was very starstruck by both of them. MTV International had me work the red carpet as a correspondent for the MTV Movie Awards, so I got to meet everybody and interview them. It was really cool.

What was it like filming 'Breaking Dawn'? I recently spoke with your co-star Tinsel Korey (Emily), and she said it was kind of bittersweet because it's coming to an end.
It's like going to a party. All parties end. It wasn't bittersweet for me. I had already said my goodbyes in my own way to the 'Twilight' experience. I had a great time, made some really good friends. I'll always take all of those memories with me. It was time to go.

You're the leader of the wolf pack. Did you have to participate in the grueling group workouts?
Yeah. We really bonded over the workouts. I think it was really good casting, everyone was a really good fit for those roles. We had really good chemistry. It wasn't that hard to get the character of Sam when I was with those guys. They're like my brothers.

When I was chatting with Tyson Houseman (Quil), he mentioned there was even some vomiting during the workouts.
Oh yeah! I won't name names, but there were a couple of people that did vomit. And I've got to admit that I came pretty close to vomiting as well. They were really tough workouts.

What moves caused people to vomit?
It's just that you're working out so hard, the chemicals are released in your muscles when you're working them. We barely had breaks between circuits, and the body's not used to that. When you push it so hard, it's going to react and I think that's what happened. It was a weird feeling.

Who's the strongest?
Probably Alex. But I don't know. Bronson's pretty strong. It all depends on the weight you carry. We're all pretty strong.

Not Taylor Lautner?
He's actually a jokester. He's a good guy. He's very talkative, friendly. He can't sit still, so he's always doing stuff like throwing a football or doing flips and stuff.

Doing flips?!
Yep, flips. I think he's a gymnast, and he's also into martial arts so he can do all kinds of flips and sky kicks and mid-air body twists. [Laughs] It was really entertaining between takes.

Have you ever been out in public with Taylor when he's been mobbed by fans or paparazzi?
Just once. After lunch we came outside and we got hit by paparazzi. It was really weird. It still is. All you hear is the clicks of the cameras. Taylor handles it really well. He's a gracious guy.

Have you had any encounters with intense 'Twilight' fans yourself?
Oh yeah. Boundary issues, that's the term. I can't go into it, but I've had a few fan encounters that were a little scary. Most of the fans are great and have been really respectful and cool, but there's been a few who haven't.

What do people say to you?
It's more of a trying to touch me thing. I don't really like that! [Laughs]

What's next for you after 'Twilight'?
Lots of sleep! [Laughs] I'm working on a movie called 'Desert Cathedral.' Then before I was working on 'Winter in the Blood'. I've been busy. I like to work. It keeps me out of my head.

Do you have any dream roles you'd like to pursue, like a crazy serial killer or anything like that?
Right now I'm playing a hick with a mullet who's an investigator. It's a really good role. Every role I've done is different. I really like that. Hopefully I'll do a good job and people will come see the movie.

So you're not getting typecast?
Oh, no. In 'Winter in the Blood,' I actually gained weight. I stopped working out, so my body is completely out of shape. The director wanted to do that for the role. People will definitely see me in a different light! [Laughs] I'm pudgy. I've got a gut. For this role, I haven't lost the weight. I've signed on for another movie I'll have to get really in shape for, so after this I'm back to the training and getting the bod back! It's really hard, actually.

When you were gaining weight, what were your favorite foods to indulge in?
Oh man. Pizza Hut. Red Robin. The thing is, I just ate everything, and I just stopped working out. [Laughs] That's all it was! It wasn't brain surgery. And Julia Jones ['Eclipse'] is in 'Winter of the Blood' with me, so I was really showing off my gut to her. I was like touch it! And she was like, "Gross, no!" [Laughs]

Check out Chaske in 'Breaking Dawn Part 1,' which opens on November 18.


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