Director David Fincher has a reputation for being a cranky person to work with. However, Aaron Sorkin is here to convince you otherwise. In the December issue of Vanity Fair, the Oscar-winning screenwriter wrote an essay on Fincher, calling him "warm, honest, and an exceptionally generous collaborator." However, the piece doesn't exactly start off that way. In fact, the first paragraph has Sorkin essentially calling the 'Social Network' director emotionless.
"David Fincher in a bad mood isn't easy to discern from David Fincher in a good mood. Fincher tired is the same as Fincher energized," writes Sorkin. "There's never anything about his demeanor that asks you to ask, 'What's wrong?' This might be what people mean when they talk about strength. Also focus."

From there, the piece is all praise. Sorkin goes on to describe Fincher as a "genius"and someone who "has great patience with people who aren't as gifted as he is." But the one thing the director can't stand? People who don't work as hard as he does.

Head on over to Vanity Fair to read the entire piece. You can see Fincher's potential genius on display in this winter's highly anticipated 'The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo.'

[via Vanity Fair]

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