Poor box office for Roland Emmrich's period drama 'Anonymous' may have hurt his next project: Sony has suspended pre-production on his $175 million sci-fi epic 'Singularity' and canceled several screen tests. According to Variety, Raymond Kurzweil, the leading expert on singularity who actually coined the term, will join the project to help Emmerich with script revisions.
'Singularity' is set 50 years in the future, where a famous nanotechnology pioneer uses a dangerous new procedure to save his injured son, Adam. The process gives Adam super powers, thanks to a swarm of nanobots, and he ends up on the run from the evil corporation that developed the technology.

Actors who were going to read for the lead include Luke Grimes (TV's 'Brothers & Sisters'), Logan Marshall Green ('Devil'), Thomas McDonnell ('The Forbidden Kingdom') and Ben Barnes ('The Chronicles of Narnia').

Reports are that 'Singularity' is not in the dreaded Hollywood limbo know as "turnaround," and will still meet its targeted release date of May 2013. However, production will likely be pushed back from next spring to next summer.

Emmerich's current film, 'Anonymous,' which posits that someone other than the famous Bard wrote Shakespeare's plays, has so far earned only $3 million back from its nearly $30 million budget. 'Singularity' would be more in keeping with his previous blockbusters 'The Day After Tomorrow' and 'Independence Day.'

Per Deadline, Emmerich's dissatisfaction with the 'Anonymous' box office has nothing to do with this decision. Both 'Anonymous' and 'Singularity' are Sony releases.

[via Variety]

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