Because the day wouldn't be complete without another 'Jack and Jill' post: some merry pranksters have set up a fake account for the critically-destroyed film on Twitter. "NO SPOILERS, but there's a HUGE athlete cameo in 'Jack & Jill,'" reads the feed. "His name rhymes with Paquille So Real, but that's all we're saying!!!! Pls RT." Funny, or as @JackNJillMovie would say, "LOL. Just thinking about something from #JackAndJill LOL!!!"
No word who is controlling the fake Twitter account (unfortunately, it probably isn't Armond White), but, well played all involved. You can follow the fake account for all your snarky 'Jack and Jill' needs by clicking here.

'Jack and Jill' is in theaters now.

UPDATE: The account has been shut down, so don't bother following that link unless you find error screens hilarious.

EARLIER: The only positive reviews for 'Jack and Jill'

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Jack and Jill
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