It might be the most important movie of our time
, but not for critics. With 45 reviews counted thus far, Adam Sandler's 'Jack and Jill' has earned the rare zero-percent rating on Rotten Tomatoes, meaning it could be the worst-reviewed film of 2011. 'Jill' is currently tied with fellow Happy Madison production 'Bucky Larson: Born to Be a Star' and the Sarah Palin documentary 'The Undefeated' on the list of zero percenters, but neither of those films found such a wide critical audience: 'Bucky Larson' only had 32 total reviews, while Palin's doc received just 15.
Starring Sandler, Sandler, Katie Holmes and Al Pacino (yep, this is real), 'Jack and Jill' focuses twins reconnecting after years apart.

"More than 24 hours has passed since I watched the new Adam Sandler movie, and I'm still dead inside," wrote Time Magazine's Mary Pols.

Even Rolling Stone critic Peter Travers, a noted film cheerleader, was disgusted. "On a scale of 1 to 10 on the laugh meter, 'Jack and Jill' is a negative 10. A total bust, a stupefyingly unfunny and shamelessly lazy farce packed with cringe-worthy jokes and overt product placement."

Moviefone will keep you updated on 'Jack and Jill's' critical progression throughout the day. Fingers crossed noted contrarian Armond White loves this one!

UPDATE: He did! White and Movie Mike's Mike Smith have weighed in with positive reviews for 'Jack and Jill.' Find out more here.

[via Rotten Tomatoes]

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Jack and Jill
PG 2011
Based on 26 critics

An ad man (Adam Sandler) dreads his passive-aggressive twin sister's annual Thanksgiving visit. Read More

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