On Nov. 13, 1940, Walt Disney released 'Fantasia' at the Broadway Theatre in New York City. While the film, an innovative combination of fantastical imagery and classical music, was a modest box-office performer at the time, its impact on audiences was undeniable. With countless revivals on the big screen throughout the ensuing decades, 'Fantasia' has become a beloved classic to generations of fans. Featuring such characters as the ominous Chernabog and Mickey Mouse in his iconic Sorcerer's Apprentice garb, 'Fantasia' has remained a unique artistic display for 71 years.

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Our sister site, ComicsAlliance, makes a habit of spotlighting particular artists and/or specific bodies of work, but there's just so much great work to see that they've initiated Best Art Ever (This Week), a weekly depository for just some of the virtually countless pieces of especially compelling artwork that they come across in their travels across the digital media landscape.

Some of it's new, some of it's old, some of it's created by working professionals, some of it's created by talented fans, and some of it's endearingly stupid. And all of it's awesome.

Check out ComicsAlliance's Best Art Ever (This Week).

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In Theaters on January 6th, 1940

Disney animation set to classical music include Mickey Mouse as "The Sorcerer's Apprentice." Read More

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