Thanks to middling reviews and mediocre box-office results, you probably haven't given much thought to 'In Time' -- or, worse, you've written it off entirely as another example of Justin Timberlake's lack of movie-star muscle. About that: despite earning only $30.7 million in North America thus far, 'In Time' has grossed an estimated $53.7 overseas, the fifth straight film with Timberlake that has seen foreign grosses exceed domestic. Which raises the question: is J.T. the new Will Smith?
Maybe! Timberlake's summer two-some of 'Bad Teacher' and 'Friends with Benefits' each grossed more internationally than in the U.S., with 'Benefits' earning nearly double the amount it did stateside. Before that, both 'Yogi Bear' (where Timberlake voiced Boo-boo) and 'The Social Network' were bigger abroad as well, albeit on slightly smaller scales.

This doesn't necessarily Timberlake could be the next globe-trotting A-lister -- in league with Smith, Tom Cruise and Johnny Depp -- but it does speak to how giant his celebrity is worldwide. After all, you don't see Ryan Reynolds pulling down international numbers like this. J.T.: bringing sexy -- and movie stars -- back.

[via LAT]

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In Time
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