When Moviefone asked director Tarsem Singh about his Snow White adaptation 'Mirror Mirror,' the outspoken director revealed it wasn't going to be some dark and twisty fairytale, but a film that kids will enjoy. "They asked me if I wanted to make it edgy and I said, 'No interest, absolutely no interest.' It's a children's movie, but my stuff tends to be polarizing. When it's for children, it's like, sickeningly kiddie, and when it's the other way, it's sickeningly graphic for people." If you aren't a kid, that latter modifier could be used to describe the first trailer for 'Mirror Mirror,' a bit of saccharin whimsy sweet enough to cause cavities.

Starring Lily Collins as Snow White, Julia Roberts as a camp version of The Evil Queen and 'J. Edgar' star Armie Hammer as the lovestruck prince, 'Mirror Mirror' looks like pure kiddie fun. Which is great for kids, and perhaps not-so-great for others. Not to worry, adults: the sweeping action epic 'Snow White and the Huntsman' will arrive in theaters three months after 'Mirror Mirror.'

Watch the trailer above, but make sure to brush your teeth afterward.

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Mirror Mirror
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Seven dwarves help an exiled princess (Lily Collins) win back her kingdom from an evil queen. Read More

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