The Muppets are at it again, this time with another jab at 'Twilight.' (You'll recall 'Breaking Prawn,' of course.) Three new posters for 'The Muppets' parodying the beloved YA franchise have arrived online, just two days before 'Breaking Dawn, Part 1' hits theaters. At this point, you can pretty much award Disney's 'Muppets' marketing team with the best advertising campaign in film history. The Muppets have spoofed 'Green Lantern,' 'The Hangover Part II,' 'The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo,' 'Paranormal Activity 3,' and even campaigned for Oscar hosting duties. As for the 'Twilight' posters, they pretty much speak for themselves.
'The Muppets' hits theaters on Nov. 23. Make sure to check Moviefone next week for our Unscripted session with Kermit and Miss Piggy as well as stars Jason Segel and Amy Adams

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