Eddie Murphy's long and sordid history with 'Saturday Night Live' is well documented
, but might the star finally return to Studio 8H in the near future? If you can believe it, that rumor has surfaced again, this time buried toward the end of story on the Los Angeles Times blog 24 Frames about Murphy's next comeback role, 'A Thousand Words.'
As you may recall, 'A Thousand Words' is a dramedy starring Murphy which had its date shifted to catch the wave of goodwill that would presumably come with his Oscar hosting duties. (Whoops.) Paramount is still planning to release 'A Thousand Words' on March 23 -- right up against 'The Hunger Games' -- and the hope is that Murphy fans will still find his comeback story interesting. (Never mind that 'Tower Heist' has been one of the big box-office disappointments from the last two months.)

Writes Steven Zeitchik, "All isn't lost for the film: There are still other promotional possibilities, not the least of which is that Murphy returns to host his alma mater, 'Saturday Night Live,' something Paramount is privately said to be interested in."

Of course, whether Murphy is interested remains to be seen. When confronted with the rumor that he had planned to appear on the 'SNL' episode hosted by Ben Stiller during the 'Tower Heist' junket last month, Murphy gave what could only be described as stank face.

Watch the trailer for 'A Thousand Words' below.

[via LAT/24Frames]

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A Thousand Words
PG-13 2012
Based on 18 critics

A loquacious literary agent must curb his speech after learning that words will be the end of him. Read More

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