Get your lighters ready, there may be another 'Friday' in the works. Unfortunately, for 420 fans, the operative word here is "may." News a new 'Friday' sequel was first reported by TMZ, who spoke with Tiny Lister (a.k.a. the dude who played Debo) outside a Hollywood club on Tuesday night. Lister revealed that there have been talks with Ice Cube and Chris Tucker on possibly making a fourth 'Friday.' Meanwhile, on Wednesday, Deadline reported that New Line has had discussions with Cube regarding another movie. Perhaps they need to start hanging out at the same clubs as Lister.
So! There maybe possibly could be another 'Friday.' Your friendly Moviefone editors loved the first one (and the second one is fun), but: does anyone really want 'Friday 4'? The last time Chris Tucker played Smokey, he was 23; that was 16 years ago. Maybe in this one he'd play a dad trying to get his kids to stop smoking? Or maybe Smokey's in jail now and Ice Cube is forced to bust him out, only to find Debo working as the prison guard. We smell marijuana two potential plots!

[via TMZ and Deadline]

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