'The Dark Knight Rises' didn't end up Occupying Wall Street (here's why), but one of its stars did. Joseph Gordon-Levitt, who plays a Gotham cop in the upcoming Batman sequel, went down to Zuccotti Park in Lower Manhattan at 3 a.m., before police ousted the occupiers on Tuesday morning. He says he shot three hours of footage, which he'll upload to his hitRECord site. Gordon-Levitt wants fans to edit the footage, and contribute their own from Occupy sites around the world. "Let's make something cool," he said in the video he posted to his own site. And for those of you who care more about movies than movements, he also says he "just finished" shooting on 'The Dark Knight Rises.'
In a note posted on his site, Gordon-Levitt (who signs as "Regular Joe") wrote:
Last night, I finally went and RECorded a few hours of Occupy Wall Street footage, just as the NYPD had raided Zuccotti Park, where the movement had been centered. Now, I'd like to gather a whole bunch of Occupy records, and start making art out of them. Contribute your photos and videos of the demonstrations. Whether in NYC, Oakland, Philly, or any other Occupied place.

If you're not in one of those locations, I still want your perspective. Contribute your thoughts by talking into a camera, or write them down. Make a song, draw a cartoon. You know, be creative.
Then we'll start taking all the records we've gathered and remixing them into clear and accessible works of art and communication.

All of my raw footage is going to be uploaded soon so check that out once it's there.
Thanks again <3
[hitRECord via Huffington Post]

[Photo: WireImage]

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