Reactions to the just-released trailer for 'Mirror Mirror' -- next year's adaptation of the 'Snow White' fairy tale starring Julia Roberts as the Evil Queen -- have been focused on how campy the whole thing looks. There's slapstick, corny puns and a pedigreed actress vamping it up to levels so cheesy, you'll need to get your cholesterol levels checked afterward. So yes, 'Mirror Mirror' may be an over-the-top circus, but is that necessarily a bad thing? Probably not, especially if the trailer follows through on its seeming promise to make 'Mirror Mirror' the modern-day version of 'Faerie Tale Theatre.'
If you grew up in the '80s and don't know what 'Faerie Tale Theatre' is, then you missed out on one of the best things from the decade. 'FTT' was a cable television show, produced and hosted by Shelley Duvall, that presented new monthly adaptations of beloved fairy tales. Duvall cashed in every favor she must have been owed, because the 'Faerie Tale Theatre' talent roster was a who's who of Hollywood heavyweights: Robin Williams, Billy Crystal, Carrie Fisher, Francis Ford Coppola, Klaus Kinski, Mick Jagger, Susan Sarandon, Tim Burton, Matthew Broderick, Angelica Huston and even little Ricky Schroeder!

Watch a trailer for 'Faerie Tale Theatre'

There was even an episode for 'Snow White'! Instead of Lily Collins, it was Elizabeth McGovern. Instead of Armie Hammer, it was 'Solid Gold' host Rex Smith. Instead of Julia Roberts, it was Vanessa Redgrave. And the mirror? That was voiced by none other than Vincent Price.

'Mirror Mirror' director Tarsem Singhtold Moviefone that he wanted to make a "sickeningly kiddie" movie; all he's actually doing is continuing a three-decade tradition of getting actors to ham it up for the little ones.

Besides, if Nathan Laneabsolutelymust star in a corny big-screen version of a classic children's story, it's better that he be remembered for 'Mirror Mirror' than 'Nutcracker 3D.'


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