At Bella and Edward's wedding in 'Breaking Dawn Part 1,' Bella's dad, Charlie Swan (Billy Burke), makes a somewhat-threatening toast, where he mentions he's very good at hunting people down -- if necessary. Edward, heed those words! Long before Burke played Kristen Stewart's loving dad and small-town sheriff in the 'Twilight' franchise, he was on the other side of the law as a brutal wife-murderer in '24.' As for Bella's doting mom, Renee (Sarah Clarke)? She was only Jack Bauer's most deadly nemesis.
For those who don't remember: Clarke played Nina Myers, a one-time counter-terrorism agent with whom Jack Bauer (Kiefer Sutherland) unwisely had an affair. In the biggest Season 1 shocker (spoiler alert, if you're still waiting to watch a ten-year-old television show), Nina murdered his wife. Later, she became a ruthless mercenary, who found herself in a cell facing an interrogation from Bauer in Season 2. (For a little more context, here's an intro to Season 2 of '24.') Check out her evil smirk as she attempts to negotiate a pardon in exchange for stopping a bomb set to devastate all of Los Angeles in the scene below.

As for Burke, he played Gary Matheson, an abusive husband who kills his wife, then tries to kill the only witness, his babysitter, Kim Bauer (Elisha Cuthbert). Since '24' required Kim to be in constant but completely separate peril from her dad Jack, her flight to safety took her to the desert where she was menaced by a wild cougar (an uncontested series low point) and a lonely survivalist (a pre-'Entourage' Kevin Dillon). It ended with her having to shoot Gary at the urging of her dad, who somehow had time to give her the life-saving advice between getting tortured and stopping World War III.

There's an ultra-brief glimpse of Billy Burke at 20 seconds in, and Kim pulling the trigger in this preview of the Season 2 finale:

Quite a difference from the Swans of Forks, Wash.

'Breaking Dawn Part 1' is in theaters on Friday.

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The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1
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A chain of events set off by Edward and Bella's wedding brings a shocking development for Jacob. Read More