ZOMG, Bella and Edward are getting married! Their love has overcome all obstacles, and these two crazy kids (OK, one crazy kid and one sparkly old guy in a crazy kid's body) are finally gonna make the ultimate commitment in 'Breaking Dawn, Part 1.' To be followed, of course, by an extra-romantic super-sparkly honeymoon. Or not.

Yes, as everyone who's read the books knows, it's not exactly smooth sailing for Bella and Edward as they head off on their romantic retreat to the private island of Esme. Their starry-eyed honeymoon comes to an abrupt halt when Bella realizes there's a little monster kicking inside of her belly. That's right -- a little half-human, half-vampire bundle of joy. Since it's not your average fetus, Bella's pregnancy accelerates at a rapid rate, effectively serving as a major buzzkill for their honeymoon as Edward frets about the effects on Bella's body. They have to say goodbye to exotic Esme early and rush back to scenic Forks.

Bummer, huh? But theirs isn't the first movie honeymoon to go awry. In fact, movie honeymoons rarely go smoothly. Remember when Charlton Heston got totally sidetracked by work on his honeymoon in 'Touch of Evil'? It completely ruined their romantic getaway, and even put his lovely new bride (Janet Leigh) in danger!

Bella and Edward's preempted honeymoon got us thinking about other movie honeymoons that don't go as planned.


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The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1
PG-13 2011
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A chain of events set off by Edward and Bella's wedding brings a shocking development for Jacob. Read More