You might as well start calling Scarlett Johansson a modern-day renaissance woman. The actress has starred in numerous Hollywood productions, recorded an album, won a Tony Award and even knows her "best angles." That latter keen eye will likely come in handy in her new venture: feature film director. Variety reports that Johansson will make an adaptation of Truman Capote's 'Summer Crossing' her directorial debut.
The novella "Summer Crossing" is set in post-World War II New York, and focuses on an "18-year-old girl breaking free of her rich, smothering, family to discover her own identity and sexuality." Suffice it to say, things don't go that smoothly.

Capote started writing 'Crossing' in 1943, but spent 10 years working on the manuscript before later claiming he destroyed it in a fit of rage. The novella was later recovered at the home of Capote's sister and published in 2005.

Johansson will next be seen in 'We Bought a Zoo' and 'The Avengers.'

[via Variety]

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