Here at Moviefone HQ, the collective love for 'Bridesmaids' is completely unabashed. Not only was the smash-hit comedy one of the funniest movies of 2011, it was also one of the best movies of 2011. No easy task, especially in a genre that often sacrifices character beats and heart for easy jokes and body functions. (Not that 'Bridesmaids' doesn't feature its fair share of body functions.) Kristen Wiig deserves lots of credit for the film's success, and in the latest issue of GQ, her 'Bridesmaids' co-star Jon Hamm explains why she's so darn funny. Hint: she's fearless.

For a lot of comics, there's a persona they're not comfortable revealing unless they're performing. Kristen is incredibly shy; she has her hoodie pulled up and her sleeves pulled over her hands. But this is a woman who wore coconuts on her tits on 'SNL'; she can go to the craziest, most grotesque places on the planet in character. Kristen came late to performing, and the way she rose through the ranks speaks both to her drive and to her wild talent. The first time I noticed her was watching the 'SNL' sketch 'Lady Business.' Kristen's line was 'I'm a bitch in the boardroom, a bore in the bedroom, and I'm a bear on the toilet,' which she delivered with over-the-top seriousness. I thought, 'My God, this girl is funny.'"

Head over to GQ to read Hamm's full thoughts on Wiig. The pair of 'Bridesmaids' lovers will co-star in the 2012 comedy 'Friends with Kids' opposite Adam Scott, Megan Fox and Hamm's real-life girlfriend, Jennifer Westfeldt.

[via GQ]

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