The 26th thing you didn't know about 'Beauty and the Beast'
? How it looks in three dimensions. For those wondering, allow Disney to invite you to its next big rerelease: 'Beauty and the Beast 3D,' which hits theaters on Jan. 13, 2012 -- better known as the frozen tundra of January studio dumps. Will 'Beauty and the Beast 3D' make as much money as 'The Lion King 3D,' which earned $93 million back in September?
Most likely! While there is something quaint about the animation in 'Beauty and the Beast' -- it looks a bit flat and a bit stodgy, especially when contrasted with the sharp features of Flynn Rider from 'Tangled,' who pops up at the end to promote the next 'Tangled' short film -- who cares?! It's 'Beauty and the Beast'! A tale as old as time! Angela Lansbury! You'll be Disney's guest for this one all over again.

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Beauty and the Beast
In Theaters on November 13th, 1991

A French maiden tells the enchanted beast who has captured her father that she will take his place. Read More

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