On Thursday, 'My Week With Marilyn' will open in limited release around the country. The film tells the story of Marilyn Monroe (Michelle Williams), who, while filming 'The Prince and the Showgirl' in England, ended up running off for a week with third assistant director Colin Clark (Clark ended up writing a book about his experience, which became the basis for this film). Viewers also get to see the frustration of Sir Laurence Olivier (Kenneth Branagh), who directed and starred alongside Monroe in 'Prince.' Per the film her tardiness and inability to remember lines drove Olivier insane. Or did it? (Cue: thunderclap.) Actually, yeah, probably.
In an essay on The Daily Beast, Vera Day, who starred alongside Olivier and Monroe in 'Prince,' gives a unique perspective at the relationship between the two icons.

Marilyn was very, very difficult. [Olivier] had a hard time with her and would go out of his way to direct a scene, and then...Paula Strasberg, would call Marilyn over, whisper in her ear, and go, 'Marilyn, forget about all that. Just think about the little boy and the Coca-Cola." So she'd have this great direction and then she'd throw that away, go to the side, and do her 'method' thing about the little boy and the Coca-Cola... She really was always late... People used to think she was late because she was frightened or intimidated by all these British actors [on the film].

All of the frustrations Day describes in her essay do take place in the film (and in Clark's books). However, the actress was skeptical about the "week with Marilyn" part, where Clark took off with Monroe for a little.

I didn't witness anything between Marilyn and Colin Clark [as in the film]. I actually don't remember him on the set at all. There weren't any rumblings of them being together on set. She was very, very into Arthur Miller, and they were on their honeymoon. Goodness me, no. Whatever he said about that ... I mean, I can't accuse him of lying, but I very much doubt there was anything going on there. She was with [Miller] all the time, and when she wasn't she was working, and he was on the set all the time with her.

So! Maybe it happened! Or maybe it didn't. It all depends on who you believe. You can make the judgement for yourself when 'My Week With Marilyn' opens on Nov. 23. Head over to the Daily Beast to read Vera Day's complete essay.

[via The Daily Beast]

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