That Michael Fassbender is quite the chameleon, isn't he? He's like a male Kate Winslet, seamlessly dashing between contemporary and old-timey roles. Few (if any) actors today are as versatile. From Spartan times to the swingin' '60s, it seems as though Fassbender has tackled almost every major movie-friendly era.

So it's no surprise that iconic director David Cronenberg cast Fassbender as Carl Jung in 'A Dangerous Method,' which hits theaters this week. Fassbender melts into his role as the conflicted psychiatrist struggling with his relationships with frosty mentor Sigmund Freud (Viggo Mortensen), unhinged patient/lover Sabina Spielrein (Keira Knightley) and his long-suffering wife, Emma (Sarah Gadon).

Fassbender clearly has the acting chops to pull off playing characters from a range of different eras. He also has the right look for it -- his face is just as believable in the WWII drama 'Band of Brothers' as it is in the 19th century epic 'Jane Eyre.' Hopefully he can resist the lure of Botox and facelifts that other Hollywood actors have succumbed to (cough, cough, Sylvester Stallone, cough, cough, Mickey Rourke). After all, facelifts just weren't done in the 19th century.

After seeing Fassbender decked out in early 20th century duds in 'A Dangerous Method,' we decided to wrangle up a gallery of his other memorable roles that highlight his incredible range - from a centuries-old warrior in Sparta to a modern-day New Yorker. Up next for Fassbender: something set in the future. (OK, not really. But we can dream! Imagine how cool Future Fassbender would look!)


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A Dangerous Method
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Dr. Carl Jung treats Sabina, a beautiful and unbalanced patient, using the methods of Sigmund Freud. Read More