Ever wondered what Jason Segel and Amy Adams looked like when they were younger? Well, today is your lucky day. In honor of 'The Muppets,' our friends at Snakkle have put together a list of before-they-were-famous photos from the stars of the film. We've posted the ones of Adams and Segel, below. To check out more pre-fame pics of the 'Muppets' cast, including Jack Black, Neil Patrick Harris and Rashida Jones, head on over to Snakkle.
'The Muppets' follows Gary (Segel), his brother, Walter, and Gary's girlfriend Mary (Adams), as they travel to Los Angeles. After discovering that an evil oil barren is trying to knock down the old Muppets theater, the trio convinces the Muppets crew to reunite and put on a show.

[via Snakkle]

[Photos: Seth Poppel/Yearbook Library]

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The Muppets
PG 2011
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The Muppets and their human fans stage a telethon to save Muppet Studios. Read More

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